Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Buster Keaton!

Since I made a post about Buster not too long ago I will keep this short. Because there will be more posts about him in the future I am sure. lol He is without a doubt my all time favorite male silent film star. I watch his films over and over and am still amazed at his work. How he didn't kill himself in those films or break his neck, oh wait he did the latter, I will never know. But that's why they call him Buster.

I've put together a list of films to see if you are a new Buster Keaton fan or maybe have always been wanting to see his films but haven't yet. You can't miss with any of these great classic silents.

1. The Cameraman (Buster with his co star Josephine)

My favorite Buster film is The Cameraman. This was the first film he made at his move to MGM, which was the downfall of his career due to MGM not letting him do what he wanted to do with his films, so it is a surprise how great it is, it is by far is best MGM film. A really great one to check out.

2. The General

This is usually the film people name as Buster's all time greatest film, and one of the greatest silents ever made. It also happens to have a scene that was the most expensive shot in all silent film history as well. This film is based on a true story. Buster had a great love for trains, I always think of him when I see one, which is why trains are in just about every single one of his films, this is based on a train called The General. The General was just released on Blu Ray and if you love the film and have a Blu Ray player I highly recommend purchasing it since it was restored from an original negative so the picture quality is astounding. This is the essential Buster silent.

3. Sherlock Jr.

I was going to choose Steamboat Bill Jr, which is another must see, but I will go with this since I love it so. He plays a theatre janitor with dreams of being a detective. He finally gets a chance to practice his detective skills he learned from a book when he is framed for stealing a pocket watch. It 's a fun film.

Other films that I haven't mentioned worth checking out include Seven Chances, The Navigator, Steamboat Bill Jr, anything really! His films are basically all on dvd and can be rented through Netflix! Luckily Kino has been re-releasing his films on Blu Ray. As I mentioned The General is out, Steamboat Bill Jr, and in November Sherlock Jr/Three Ages is being released.

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